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Past OR Present Collection

The "Past OR Present" collection comes to life thanks to the meeting of SoSoSo and the two Alternativa Standard designers, Diego and Nicolò.

The designers start their project pondering about the material to mold, gold; they try to understand its meaning and how its use has evolved in time.
They understand that this precious material has always been considered expression of comfort and well-being but, whereas in the past was used redundantly, almost "by weight", as if its real value were in the quantity, today its richness and sophistication is seen in light shapes.

Thus they decide to merge the two concepts, the "weight" of the past and the "lightness" of the present into a single object, maintaining the elegance of gold worked in thin layers, combining it with the weight of resin.

Gold and resin, a miscellany of classic, precious, current and innovative materials: another way to combine history and modernity.
Everything is made fluid by choosing natural organic shapes both in the internal golden inlay and on the surface of the resin which become a treasure box of the preciousness contained in its heart.

Past and present.
Classicism and contemporaneity.
All this in "Past OR Present".

Past OR Present Collection